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Five nights at this incredible oceanfront hotel!
Monday April 24, 2023 to
Saturday April 29, 2023

The Beach Hotel in Maresias is an absolutely spectacular beach famous for its natural beauty and its white and soft sand and crystal clear sea! The hotel rooms are cozy and exceptionally clean and each comes with a private balcony. The hotel food and beverages are top-notch. Maresias is located in an Atlantic forest environment with lots of green trees and beautiful tropical birds flying about.

 Maresias is an ocean town located on the east coast of Brazil with incredible tropical mountains, cobblestone streets, fun shops, fantastic dining, boat tours and the best beaches.
This beautiful oceanfront hotel

offers bar service on the beach, umbrellas and comfortable chairs. You simply sit on provided chairs, enjoy your natural coconut water and the waiter will come to attend to you!




The guided tour of Calhetas beach will take you to a practically deserted beach. A beach with White sands and crystal-clear water, and  breathtaking views. You will also view an incredible waterfall, 96 meters high, in the midst of the spectacular nature of the Atlantic Forest. Calhetas is located in the municipality of São Sebastião/SP. It is known as one of the most idyllic beaches in the region.

​Day 1 - Monday April 24, 2023

Amazing oceanfront dining! Come enjoy the local cuisine at these fabulous restaurants. Many of the restaurants will provide English menu with delicious dishes!


​Day 2 - Tuesday April 25, 2023

We will have a guided island boat cruise! The boat will take us to 3 local islands to discover their unique beauty and history! Enjoy walking on the beach, swimming in calm waters, natural pools and snorkeling. See how people live on the island without electricity and help promote ecotourism!


Beach Stargazing Program!
Nights from 2 to 5

Beach Stargazing! Discover the stars of the southern hemisphere! Relax on beach chairs and listen to the ocean waves as you look up at the stars! I will use my laser to point out and discuss some amazing treasures of the southern sky that many people have never seen before, such as the Southern Cross constellation, the core of the Milky Way Galaxy, the south pole of the sky and Proxima Centauri (the closest star to Earth)!


​Day 3 - Wednesday April 26, 2023

Waterfall Tour!

 The professional ecotourism guide will take us to the beautiful nature of the Atlantic forest, with unique views and crystal clear water pools. The access is calm and safe.

​Day 4 - Thursday April 27, 2023


Enjoy an easily accessible hiking trail to experience incredible views from two panoramic viewpoints. The views include the beach of Maresias and the mountains of the sea and the last stop on the trail is a super charming beach called Pauba! 

Beach Stargazing Program!


​Day 5 - Friday April 28, 2023


If you went on the activities the first 3 days,  today is the day to enjoy the hotel, beach and local shops and restaurants (everything within walking distance)!

​Beach Stargazing Program!

​Day 6 - Saturday April 29, 2023

Today, the last day in Brazil, we are sure that you will have had a wonderful, unique and unforgettable experience! We will look forward to seeing everybody again!

Enjoy the outdoor breakfast buffet!


​Price Includes:

> 5 nights at the Beach Hotel (pictured above)
​> 2 Interpreters
> Bus transportation
> Airport pick up and drop off
> Island boat cruise and other daily excursions
> Nightly stargazing on the beach
> Daily breakfast

Price does not include:

> Airfare
> Meals other than breakfast
> Hotel food, drink and services above the basic room cost
> Costs above the basic daily excursion costs

Âncora 1
Multiple Dates
Jun 22, 2024, 2:00 PM – Jun 23, 2024, 11:00 AM
9 Fabiani Rd,
9 Fabiani Rd, Bloomville, NY 13739, USA


Rosangela Gamboa - Bilingual interpreter, native to Brazil
(860) 786-2089 
​Tai Alves - Bilingual interpreter, native to Brazil

Mark Coppinger - Astronomer
(860) 908-3853

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