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Connecticut Stargazing Programs !

Come experience an amazing evening sitting under the stars!
  Our programs take place In a large open field. You can bring your chair, Sit back and relax 
as the astronomer guides you through the
constellations and stars!


The astronomer, will guide you through the night sky with a large. green pointer and his voice is projected to all by loud speaker. The astronomy program starts about 9 pm.

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Some of the amazing things you will see and learn about!

> Double Star Systems
> Deep Space Clouds of Gas & Dust
> Open Star Clusters
> Giant Red Stars
> Galaxies
​> Newly Born Stars
> Planets
> The Milky Way
> The Great Rift
> Constellations


Come view the Andromeda


Programs are based upon clear enough skies. If there are too many clouds or rain you can simply attend the next available program. Reservations now available. Click the link below.
 Tickets are 

  August 20th  is a special sunset concert and astronomy program from 7:00 pm to 10 pm. Bring a picnic and enjoy the vineyard wine. Reservations are required. Purchase half-price tickets now or pay cash upon arrival.


>We have programs from May  through November.

> Our fields are located in ,The vineyard at Hillyland in Scotland,CT
> Reservations are required. After tickets are purchased Click below to make reservations:


> The vineyard tasting room is open and purchased separately.

> Gift certificates are available to be sent by email upon request.

> Email any questions to


Tickets are not date specific. So use any time! Tickets are valid through 2024


Only 20 tickets available at this price

If the date you choose is cloudy you can simply attend another date. The tickets will be accepted for any date and are valid until 2024.

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Come and experience the universe! We have been doing astronomy events for over 10 years! These events include stargazing boat cruises, stargazing bus cruises, total solar eclipse trips, mountain top observatory trips and various other stargazing and astronomy events!

Tour Guides:

Mark Coppinger  - Astronomer
(860) 908-3853

Rosangela Gamboa
Bilingual interpreter - 860 786 20 89

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