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415 Main St, Gloucester, MA



If you already bought your tickets, check below to make your reservation.

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We have 25 half-price tickets for sale this holiday season. Grab yours today!
2024 will be our 10th  year doing these amazing cruises!

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Weekend evenings June through September from 8:45 pm to 11:30 pm. We cruise out into the ocean away from all the lights. From the top deck of the boat the astronomer will use the intercom system and a light pointer to guide you through the constellations, planets, giant red stars, nebula, star clusters and even galaxies! Nearly every cruise will have meteors streaking across the sky! The cruises are both fun and educational.

The large vessels are Coast Guard certified and feature open top decks and a galley where you can purchase food and drinks.

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Click here to make reservations:
Gloucester Stargazing Cruise June 23rd | Stellarevents (
Gloucester Stargazing Cruise June 30th | Stellarevents (

Gloucester Stargazing Cruise July 7th | Stellarevents (

 New Bedford Stargazing Cruise - June 14th | Stellarevents (                  
>The boat is contracted according to the number of tickets sold, so the amount cannot be refunded.

Only 7 tickets remaining at this price!


We have been doing astronomy events for over 10 years! These events include stargazing boat cruises, stargazing bus cruises, total solar eclipse trips, mountain top observatory trips and various other stargazing and astronomy events!

Tour Guides:

Frank  - Astronomer

Rosangela Gamboa
Bilingual interpreter - 860 786 20 89

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