New Bedford, MA 02740
Stargazing Boat Cruises!


2021 will be our 8th year doing the New Bedford, MA 02740 Stargazing Cruises!


Weekend evenings in June, July and August from 9 pm to midnight. We cruise out into the dark skies in the middle of Cape Cod Bay, half way between New Bedford, MA 02740. The boat stops in the middle of Cape Cod Bay for an amazing 90 minute program! From the top deck of the boat the astronomer will use the intercom system and lasers to point out and guide you through the constellations, planets, giant red stars, nebula, star clusters and even galaxies! Nearly every cruise will have meteors streaking across the sky! The cruises are both fun and educational.

The Boat Cruises leave from State Pier Maritime Terminal
New Bedford, MA 02740.

Food and drink (including alcohol) can be purchased on the boat. State law does not allow alcohol to be carried onto the boat. Food and drink are cash only. Cruise recommended for children 12 and up. Tickets are not date specific and are good until used. If we cancel due to clouds, you simple make reservations for another date.

The email you receive after you make a purchase, with your order number on it, acts as your tickets. If this is a gift, email me to request gift certificates and I will e-mail them to you