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Main St, Gloucester, MA.

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We have 10 half-price tickets for sale today. Grab yours!
September 29th is a special night with a full Harvest Moon!


We cruise through the calm waters of the bay for the sunset. From the open decks of the boat the talented musicians perform. The instruments are magical as they combine with the beauty of the sun set and the Moon rise! The harmony of these instruments up close and out in the elements is a surprisingly unique experience!

The large vessels are Coast Guard certified and feature open top decks and a galley where you can purchase food and drinks.

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> If we cancel due to rain, this will be posted on the website and you can simply make reservation for another sunset or stargazing cruise.

> The boat has a soft drinks, alcohol, and snack for available for purchase, cash only.


> The cruise is from 6 pm to 9 pm. Boarding starts at 5:30 pm. Ample free parking adjacent to the boat.


>The cruise departs from 415 Main Street Gloucester MA

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Only 10 half-price tickets today. Grab yours!


We have been doing astronomy events for over 10 years! These events include stargazing boat cruises, stargazing bus cruises, total solar eclipse trips, mountain top observatory trips and various other stargazing and astronomy events!

Tour Guides:

Mark  - Astronomer-

Rosangela Gamboa
Bilingual interpreter - 860 786 20 89

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