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We still have some half-price tickets today! Grab yours!


One of life's amazing experiences!
Don't miss it!

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​We chose this mountain top field for its spectacular beauty and views. A place where your spirit can both rest and exalt. Bring a picnic for the sunset concert and your tent or camper to spend the night! 

You simply park your car in the field and pop up your tent
next to your car. Camping Vans and RV's are welcome. You can bring your Portable fire pits and chairs. We have outdoor bathrooms. You are not required to camp, you can stay in a nearby hotel and come and enjoy the event! 

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Tickets are per person and include one night camping and the sunset concert.
The views are amazing from this rural mountain top field!
Bring your tent and park your car in the field and enjoy the sunset concert!


Go out to tent and stay in the mountains, night with stars and the Milky Way in the beauti

Weekends June through September 2023 in the beautiful Catskill Mountains! Tickets are valid for any date. We are currently taking reservations for 
July, August, and September.
The link to make reservations is included with your ticket.

Image by Kiarash Mansouri

 The wide-open dark skies offer so much more than a regular campground. The astronomer will guide you through the night sky with a large green pointer that looks like it touches the stars! The dark sky location makes this truly incredible. 

Use the fantastic beauty and serenity of this place to refresh your mind and your life's convictions.
Arrive between 2pm and 6pm and depart by 11 am the next day. Location: 1 Fabiani Rd, Kortright, NY 13739

Romantic couple tourists resting at summer night camping in mountains. Back view of man an

Tickets are not date specific, you will be able to choose your date and make your reservation any time. We have half-price tickets today, grab yours!
  Tickets are valid for one event on any day. If it rains on the day you choose or you are unable to attend, you can simply make a reservation for another date.

Catskill Mountains!  June through September 2023
June Through September 2023
1 Fabiani Road, Kortright, NY 13739
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Sylvia kowalczuck - Harp
talented musician
Daniele Germani - Saxophone
Elias Meister - Piano
Juan Chiavassa - Drums  

Simon Moullier - Guitar

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